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Canada is a warning: more and more of the world will soon be too hot for humans – The Guardian

Written by Simon Lewis

The climate crisis means that summer is a time of increasingly dangerous heat. This week in the Pacific north-west, temperature records are not just being broken, they are being obliterated. Temperatures reached a shocking 47.9C in …

By Jessica Yap-Chung
Jessica Yap-Chung
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New BCG offering helps corporates scale sustainability ventures

The Digital Ventures arm of Boston Consulting Group has launched a new offering aimed at helping corporates accelerate their progress to a net-zero economy. Branded as ‘Green Ventures’, the new offering will basically help corporates build and scale their sustainability ventures.

By Domenico Colace
Domenico Colace
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Flipping the Odds of Digital Transformation: Intro

Tune into the 7-part series where BCG’s Managing Director and Senior Partner, Patrick Forth kicks-off the six critical success factors that can reverse the odds of #digitaltransformation success from 30% to 80%.


Begin watching Here.

By Domenico Colace
Domenico Colace
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The Difference between Strategy, Implementation, and Tech Consulting

There are many different types of management consulting, and with this come a myriad of misconceptions. Three of the largest types of consulting are strategy, implementation, and tech consulting. Do you know the differences between them?

We’ve heard of people …

By Domenico Colace
Domenico Colace
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The World’s First Social Impact Cryptocurrency ELONGATE Announces Incorporation – Yahoo Finance

BERN, Switzerland, July 27, 2021 /CNW/ — The social impact cryptocurrency Elongate announces full incorporation in a multi-entity structure. The highly anticipated incorporation of Elongate became official this week as their two newly formed bodies set to launch. In detail, …

By Crystal Du
Crystal Du
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