Build Connections & Network

Networking is one of the most valuable things you can do to boost your career. It is the process of forging links between people for a specific purpose, whether finding a job, a potential business collaborator, or getting information and sharing knowledge. Building a strong network of faculty, staff, peer, and alumni connections is the best way to enhance your career. The following tools will help grow your professional network.


Undergraduate Student Clubs & Organizations

Explore undergraduate student clubs and organizations.

MBA – Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Program Description: The MBA-Undergraduate Mentorship Program is designed to create mentorship and networking opportunities for students within Questrom. More specifically, …

Research Institutes

Explore your interests and enhance your skillset by gaining experience as a research assistant at Questrom.

Boston University LinkedIn Groups

Boston University offers several alumni groups on LinkedIn that you can join to connect with thousands of other BU, or …

BU Connects & Questrom Network

Stay connected or get connected with over 346,000 Boston University alumni around the globe through our networking community, BU Connects …