Meet Your Career Coach

The MBA Career Coaching team brings a wealth of industry experience and career development expertise to support students and alumni in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. Students are paired with a primary coach aligned by career interest and embark on a collaborative process of clarifying career goals, assessing strengths and areas of growth, and crafting tailored action plans for achieving career success.

The noticeable trend of employers recruiting MBA students earlier and earlier for summer internships illustrates the increasingly competitive landscape and the growing demand for top MBA talent. Students are encouraged to engage with their primary career coach prior to the launch of the MBA program via a six-week career course designed to prepare incoming students for summer and fall recruitment. Scheduled appointments, drop-in hours, small group sessions, workshops, and large-scale industry and recruitment events supplement the summer career course and extend throughout the academic year.

Invest in your professional growth and success. Connect with your career coach early and often.

Scheduled Career Coaching Services

The MBA Career Coaching team understands that career development is a personalized journey that requires dedicated support and guidance. Scheduled career coaching appointments offer students the opportunity to engage in rich discussions and receive expert insight on a range of career management topics. 

When you schedule a career coaching appointment, you receive dedicated time with a skilled professional who will actively listen, assess your needs, and provide guidance. Topics to discuss with your primary career coach may include:

  • Career Exploration and Career Targets
  • Networking and Personal Branding
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Internship and Job Search Strategy
  • Interview Preparation and Executive Presence
  • Professional Development and Upskilling
  • Offer Review and Negotiation
  • Career Transitions and Advancement

Many successful MBA students maximize the benefits of career coaching by approaching their sessions with a proactive mindset. This may be preparing documents or content in advance of the session, arriving with a prepared set of questions and comments, or simply a willingness to share openly, listen actively, and explore new perspectives and paths.

To schedule an appointment with a career coach, students are encouraged to visit Handshake. For additional availability, students are encouraged to directly email their primary career coach.

Drop-in Career Coaching

The MBA Career Coaching team offers drop-in career coaching during fall and spring semesters. Drop-in coaching is a service where students can seek career guidance and support from professional career coaches and trained peers without the need for a pre-scheduled appointment. This is a convenient option for students in need of a quick consultation or time-sensitive request that can be addressed within 15 minutes without waiting for a longer, scheduled appointment.

Fall 2023 drop-in career coaching hours and location will be published in late August.

As you begin your MBA career journey the MBA coaching team is committed to help enhance your job search skills through a variety of methods such as one-on-one coaching, small group workshops and career classes. Your dedicated advisor will help you explore career options, build your brand and career skills, and develop your targeted search strategy.

Scheduled Career Coaching Services

Professional, graduate career coaching offers in-person and virtual career support through a student centered, career focused, and market-driven approach. Career coaches partner with you so that you are self-aware and market-ready as you create your career path, offering a variety of services to support you in your internship and job searches. Professional career coaches provide support on the following topics and more:
  • Assessment feedback
  • Resume development and critique
  • Career strategy development
  • Cover letter development and critique
  • Networking and research advice
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Salary negotiation advice
We also offer industry and functional role-specific career resources and opportunities including:
  • Briefings on specific company culture, recruiting history, and interview tips
  • Industry-themed career exploration events
  • Job and internship postings, information sessions, and interview schedules (On-Campus Recruiting)
  • Calendar of monthly on-campus career-related activities
To schedule an appointment with a career coach, please visit Handshake.

Feld Center No-Show Policy for Appointments

If you sign up for a 1:1 career advising appointment, you are expected to show up. Career advisors allocate time slots for 1:1 appointments, and they dedicate time to preparing for these student meetings. If you no-show to a career advising appointment, we take this very seriously and track occurrences. Read More About Our No-Show Policy