Welcome to the Technology industry page. Here you will find resources to stay on beat with the ever evolving and rapidly growing area that is the Tech industry. This trendy sector means an exciting fast pace and upward mobility, but also the need to stay abreast of significant shifts in consumer behavior, business needs, and technological innovation. Since technology crosses all industries, there are career opportunities in financial technology (FinTech), healthcare, retail, education, and many more. Questrom graduates work in roles such as program manager, operations manager, corporate development, senior analyst, consumer research manager, people analytics, and client services. The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Manager (IRM) works with many employers — from large legacy organizations to smaller tech start-up companies, and everything in between. The IRM focuses on cultivating relationships with technology organizations and organizing career events in this sector to be able to connect Questrom students with internship and job opportunities as well as industry insights.

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