The technology industry is exciting, fast paced and at the cutting edge of consumer behavior, business needs, and innovation. Since technology crosses all industries, there are diverse career opportunities from financial technology (fintech), to healthcare, retail, education, and many more.
Career opportunities within the technology industry include product management, marketing, operations management, corporate development, business analysis, and consumer research to name a few. With rapid technological advancements, professionals in this field contribute to innovation, digital transformation, and shaping the future of industries across the globe.
The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Management (lRM) team is focused on building and managing industry/employer partnerships — from large legacy organizations to smaller tech start-up companies — to expand technology career opportunities for Questrom students. The team also works to bring relevant industry resources to all students including the consolidated information on this page.
The technology industry can provide tremendous career opportunities allowing you to work within an ever-evolving landscape, where your ideas can disrupt and reshape industries.

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