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Capacity building in 2030 – Mckinsey

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Written by Jon Garcia, Liz McNally, Daniel Pacthod, and Michael Park

In the future, the most successful organizations will develop the skills of their workforce by harnessing the power of technology, inextricably linking capability building with business value, and making …

By Valerie Lam
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A Conversation with PepsiCo’s Jim Andrew – Boston Consulting Group


In our #BCGAlumniLeaders series, we’re highlighting a handful of incredible BCG alumni. Join Miki Tsusaka, Senior Partner and Managing Director and Chief Alumni Officer, on a monthly basis for a chat on #LeadingInTheNewReality; diversity, equity, and inclusion; industry trends; and …

By Alessandra Leone
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Written by Michael Schrage, Benjamin Pring, David Kiron, and Desmond Dickerson

New research suggests that digital workforces expect digital transformation to better reflect and respect their concerns and values, not just boost business capabilities and opportunities. In the current environment, …

By Jessica Yap-Chung
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“Future-Ready” Organizations Leveraging Digital to Operate Faster and Smarter Could Help Unlock $5 Trillion in Economic Growth, Says Accenture Study – Accenture


Sourced from Accenture Newsroom.

NEW YORK; Jan. 27, 2021 – The pandemic-driven acceleration of digital adoption and the resulting new agile ways of operating could unlock $5.4 trillion in profitable growth if applied broadly, according to a new report by Accenture …

By Jessica Yap-Chung
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The Skillful Corporation in McKinsey Quarterly

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