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Consultants are problem solvers hired by for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies who often don’t have the time or expertise to address their challenges in-house (although many large organizations have internal consultants). Consultants often work in teams as either generalists or as specialists within an industry, such as healthcare or financial services, or within a function, such as human resources or technology. The consultant lifestyle is usually one of long hours and lots of travel, but often compensated generously.
Landing a consulting internship or job requires a good measure of networking and knowledge about the industry and your target companies – always being able to answer the “why consulting?” and “why our company?” questions to demonstrate your genuine interest in consulting. The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Manager (IRM) gets students up to speed through events like Consulting Summer Camp, Consulting 101, and Case Interview Bootcamp. the IRM focuses on cultivating relationships with consulting firms and organizing career events in this sector to be able to connect Questrom students with internship and job opportunities. Engaging with consulting firms, through our events, and your own networking, is crucial to landing a consulting position.

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