Not only is the healthcare sector growing and evolving rapidly, but it impacts all of us. Within the healthcare industry you may find yourself involved in a variety of critical topics including mergers & acquisitions, bridging healthcare with technology, supporting improved patient care, and navigating the ever-shifting regulatory environment.
The healthcare industry encompasses a vast array of sub-industries, each with unique opportunities for business professionals:
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology careers contribute to commercialization strategies, drug development, clinical research, regulatory affairs, and commercialization strategies.
Medical Devices: The medical device industry is a dynamic sector focused on developing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative tools, equipment, and technologies to diagnose, treat, and manage medical conditions.
Healthcare Consulting: Healthcare consultant careers allow you to provide strategic guidance, operational improvement recommendations, and healthcare market analysis to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, healthcare providers, insurance companies (payors), government agencies, and other healthcare industry stakeholders.
Digital Healthcare: A career in the digital healthcare space allows you to work at the intersection of healthcare and technology. From telehealth to mobile medical applications, and from wearable devices to electronic medical records and healthcare IT, you will help drive digital transformation, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiencies.
Healthcare Providers: Careers with healthcare providers allow you to work in hospitals or healthcare organizations including medical supply, clinical laboratory services, and imaging facilities.
Healthcare Payor/Insurance: Careers within payor organizations combine business acumen with healthcare expertise, focusing on managing insurance plans, reimbursement strategies, and financial operations to improve patient care through effective payment systems.
The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Management (lRM) team is focused on building and managing industry/employer partnerships to expand Healthcare career opportunities for Questrom students. The team also works to bring relevant industry information to all students including the consolidated resources on this page to support you with exploring healthcare careers.
Questrom graduates secure a range of roles in healthcare including marketing, finance, business development, consulting, data analytics, and information technology. Should you pursue a career in the healthcare industry you will be able to apply your business acumen and make a positive impact on individuals’ health and wellbeing.

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