Financial Services

The financial services industry offers a range of career opportunities where you can help shape the world of finance while leveraging your skills and passion for numbers. Within financial services, you have the potential to pursue careers across a variety of industry-focus areas including:
Investment Management – By concentrating in investment management you increase your focus on equity and fixed-income security analysis from the perspective of the investor. You will also develop deeper awareness of portfolio management and risk assessment techniques. A career in investment management typically starts with positions such as equity securities analyst, fixed income/credit risk analyst, junior trader, junior portfolio manager, or investment management operations analyst.
Banking – If you concentrate in banking, you’ll become familiar with lending and securities underwriting processes, as well as the sales and trading functions performed by financial intermediaries. You will also gain knowledge of concepts related to the emerging field of decentralized finance and other developments related to financial technology (i.e., Fintech). You typically start a banking career in one of many roles including: financial analyst, research analyst, capital market analyst, loan officer, commercial lender, mortgage lender, investment banking analyst, risk analyst, or fintech analyst.
Corporate Finance – Should you concentrate in corporate finance, you will learn various valuation models and their practical applications in relation to the capital structure of the firm. You will also become familiar with the various ways corporations access the global capital markets to raise funds, currency and interest rate hedging techniques, and the macroeconomic factors that influence prices in these markets. A career in corporate finance typically starts with a role such as: corporate development analyst, business development analyst, treasury analyst, hedging analyst, tax analyst, or transfer pricing analyst.
The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Management (lRM) team is focused on building and managing industry/employer partnerships to expand financial services career opportunities for Questrom students. The team also works to bring relevant industry information to all students including the consolidated resources on this page to support you with exploring finance careers.
Regardless of the financial services career path, this industry offers immense opportunities for growth and the ability to leverage your analytical prowess within an ever-evolving landscape.

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