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The diverse worlds of consumer products and retail can afford business school students a variety of exciting career opportunities.
The consumer products industry focuses on creating and delivering goods that enhance consumers’ lives. From food and beverages to personal care products, electronics, and beyond, this industry offers a wide range of roles in product development, marketing, branding, and sales. As a business professional, you will contribute to product innovation, market research, and effective branding strategies to captivate consumers and drive growth.
In the retail industry, you can dive into the fascinating realm of merchandising, supply chain management, and customer experience. From managing brick-and-mortar stores to leading e-commerce platforms, this sector offers rewarding careers where you work to optimize the shopping journey, implement effective inventory management systems, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Both industries are highly influenced by consumer behavior, market trends, and technological advancements. The rise of e-commerce, sustainability concerns, and evolving customer expectations have reshaped these sectors, creating opportunities for innovation and disruption. Business school students have the chance to contribute to this rapidly changing landscape by utilizing creativity, analytical skills, marketing expertise, and strategic thinking to drive success.
The Feld Center’s Industry Relations Management (lRM) team is focused on building and managing industry/employer partnerships to expand consumer products and retail opportunities for Questrom students. The team also brings relevant industry information to all students, including the consolidated resources on this page, to support you with exploring careers.
Consider career opportunities in consumer products and retail, and help to connect businesses with consumers, shape market trends, and contribute to these vibrant and ever-evolving industries.

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