Todd Bartlett, MSMS Program

Manager of Career Development and Employer Relations, MSMS Program

Todd Bartlett, MSMS Program
  • Provides career development coaching to all MSMS students and MSMS alumni
  • Develops and delivers career management courses and workshops
  • Maintains contact with students to ensure continual engagement throughout their program Employer Relations and Industry Partnerships
  • Identifies and develops relationships with employers to increase full-time opportunities for all MSMS students
  • Plans employer related events such as employer information sessions, on-campus interviews, and networking receptions
  • Works with faculty to understand and co-develop approaches to experiential design and employer/industry engagement
  • Secures employer contributors/external experts in the program development/design process and foster and develop these key relationships
  • Provides and analyzes statistical data for periodic and end-of-the-year reports regarding student participation with recruitment, student and employer engagement, job offers received, etc.
  • Collaborates with internal/external partners to implement changes designed to improve/increase program goals/objectives.