UDC – Career Exploration

The links below will help you discover and research various jobs, companies, industries, and networking opportunities. These resources are great places to begin your discovery or help you learn more specific information about what you are interested in. Career Advisors are here to provide guidance on how to best utilize these resources and much more. Once you have discovered your specific industry and companies of interest, the UDC connects you with Industry Relations Managers from the Feld Center. The Industry Relations Managers are industry experts and conduits to alumni in those areas. Our goal is to work together to help you feel confident in the career path you choose. To support that exploration process, the UDC Career Advising Team has vetted a number of resources that will help you explore careers, companies, networking opportunities and more with some incredible resources. As your interests, skills and values change so will your career interests, so please refer to these resources as you move along in that journey.

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