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About MassCEC

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is a publicly-funded agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in the Commonwealth—while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth for the people of Massachusetts. Since it began operating in 2009, MassCEC has helped clean energy companies grow, supported municipal clean energy projects and invested in residential and commercial renewable energy installations, creating a robust marketplace for innovative clean technology companies and service providers.

MassCEC’s objective is to increase the statewide adoption of renewable energy, while driving down the costs of renewable energy and delivering financial and environmental benefits to ratepayers. To do so, MassCEC works closely with residents, businesses and municipalities to develop programs that provide renewable energy solutions for their energy needs. MassCEC’s programs also connect communities with the most viable clean energy and water technologies and reduce the energy burden on low- and moderate-income residents, with the hope of fostering the success of the Commonwealth’s dynamic clean energy sector.

Massachusetts’ unique concentration of research and development, universities, innovation and start-up company excellence has created the ideal environment for some of world’s top clean energy companies and innovators to thrive. MassCEC is committed to the advancement of the Commonwealth’s status as a global clean energy leader. With economic and industry growth in mind, MassCEC evaluates emerging clean energy technologies and identifies pathways for broader adoption in Massachusetts. MassCEC also provides workforce training programs – including a successful statewide internship program – that are tailored to meet the needs of clean energy employers across Massachusetts, while improving workforce skills, job readiness and vocational and educational opportunities for residents.

These investments are producing results. The 2016 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report showed a six percent increase in clean energy jobs between 2015 and 2016. Jobs in the clean energy industry have grown by 75 percent since 2010, and the clean energy sector now employs 105,212 workers in the Commonwealth. Clean energy represents 2.5 percent of the overall Massachusetts economy and 2.9 percent of the state’s overall workforce.

Established by Chapter 23J of the General Laws, MassCEC receives funding from the Renewable Energy Trust Fund, which was created by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1997 as part of the deregulation of the electric utility market. The trust is funded by a systems benefit charge paid by electric ratepayers of investor-owned utilities in Massachusetts, as well as municipal electric departments that have opted to participate in the program.

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