More than 28 percent of the employers responding to NACE’s Job Outlook 2019 survey indicated plans to hire international students, representing a nearly 5 percent gain from last year.

In the Job Outlook 2018 report, the percentage of employers that had plans to hire international students (23.4 percent) dropped to its lowest level in the past five years. This year, however, respondents seemed to have a renewed interest in hiring these students. (See Figure 1.)

By industry, two-thirds of respondents in information planned to hire international students from the Class of 2019. This is a substantial improvement over last year, when just 36.4 percent of information employers had plans to do so. Retail employers also showed stronger interest in these graduates this year; 50 percent had plans to hire international students, which is up from 25 percent last year. (See Figure 2.)

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