How MBA Graduates Can Get Hired – U.S. News

Written by Elizabeth Whitehead

YOU EXCELLED IN COLLEGE and now you’ve made it into a top MBA program. The future looks promising for a great job with a consulting firm, health giant or startup, right? Well, maybe.

The truth is, employers want more than a polished resume and glittering recommendations. Getting that dream job is going to require a lot of reflection, research and networking. You might need to put in “10 to 15 hours a week on your career search,” says Marla McGraw, director of career management at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.

U.S. News reached out to corporate recruiters as well as career specialists at major MBA programs, and these are their inside tips for getting an inside track:

  • Build your interviewing chops.
  • Show you can be a part of a team.
  • Be candid about setbacks.
  • Show how you will add value.
  • Start your job search early.
  • Look for the right fit.
  • Stick around after company events.
  • Get the LinkedIn advantage.
  • Cultivate your champions.
  • Skip the obvious.
  • Trust your story.
  • Sell yourself in a 360-degree perspective.

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