Do you expect your CV and contacts to get you a banking job? That’s so old school – eFinancialCareers

Written by Sarah Butcher

If you think you need an excellent CV to get a banking job, you’re probably right. However, the importance of your CV to the banking application process has already diminished and is only likely to decline more in future. Going to the right school also counts for less than it used to.

So said speakers at today’s CogX artificial intelligence conference in London. Whereas big employers (like banks and consulting firms) previously required no more than a CV and a cover letter as prerequisites to inviting candidates to interview, the recruitment process has now changed. Nowadays the CV is just the first stage in a long process that may, or may not, bring you into contact with a human being who likes your accent and went to your school. Algorithms now control hiring, and they have different priorities.

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