Consulting Summer Camp – July 2022

Following is the Consulting Summer Camp session’s daily themes and recordings. This event was hosted by Dan Spiess.

Day 1: Overview of the Consulting industry, Networking, and Resumes

Day 2: Fit & Case Interviews

Day 3: “My Summer Internship” 2nd year MBA Panel; Affinity Conferences; International Student Considerations:

Sumedha Bagga (Guidehouse); Diana Bartolotta (Bain); Christopher Lee (ZS Associates); Anjani Ludu (PwC); Rex Wang (Cognizant)

Day 4: Live Discussion and Q&A Session with Questrom MBA 2020 Alumni Consultants:

Stacey Graf Leary (Deloitte), Sam Amazeen (Gartner Consulting), Haider Abbasi (PA Consulting), Aseem Kulkarni (PA Consulting)

Check out the Consultant Summer Camp recordings!