10 things recruiters hate about you – Enterprisers Project

Written by Carla Rudder

Tech job seekers have plenty of choices right now. But if you pull these moves that drive recruiters crazy, you may burn a bridge you’ll need later.

It’s a job hunter’s market in IT. With unemployment rates for those in the tech industry hovering around 2.4 percent, job seekers have the luxury of getting to be picky, says LaCinda Clem, executive director of Technology Staffing Services for Robert Half.

“Job seekers have the upper hand in the employment market today, and many are fielding multiple offers,” says Clem. “It can be difficult to decide between opportunities, and even after accepting one, they may receive a better offer later on.”

For some job seekers, this advantage can go to their heads and trigger overconfident actions and bad behaviors – with recruiters often on the receiving end. From arrogance to laziness to ghosting, bad habits can hurt job seekers in the long run and burn bridges with recruiters and hiring managers.

Of course, there are two sides to this story: Job seekers have their own complaints about recruiters. But we’re starting here, with the recruiters and talent pros, who we asked to share their biggest pet peeves around working with tech candidates. Take a look, and make sure your own actions aren’t landing you on someone’s blacklist. (If you struggle to trust recruiters, don’t miss number 10.)

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