The Top 3 Skills Employers Are Looking For In 2022, According To Career Experts

One of the biggest challenges of finding a new job is standing out among the competition: In a pile of hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications, why should a recruiter pick yours?

The difference between landing an offer or a rejection …

By Domenico Colace
Domenico Colace
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What Do You Think You Should Be Paid? – The New York Times

By Emily Peck

When she started her career in tech more than a decade ago, Shanae Chapman soon grew comfortable answering traditional interview questions: greatest strengths (time management, attention to detail), weaknesses (prioritization). “Tell me about yourself” was kind of …

By Crystal Du
Crystal Du
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Management Articles for Starting the New Year – MIT Sloan

By MIT SMR Editors

These five articles offer fresh thinking and insights for managing leadership transitions, bringing culture change, and learning through self-reflection.

As we head into a new year, leaders at all levels in the organization can benefit from …

By Crystal Du
Crystal Du
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Our Favorite Management Tips of 2021 – Harvard Business Review

By HBR Editors

Another year, another set of challenges and responsibilities for managers to tackle. Hybrid work, the Great Resignation, mass burnout — on and on. Each weekday, in our Management Tip of the Day newsletter, HBR offers daily tips to …

By Crystal Du
Crystal Du
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The 2021 Top Places to Work in Massachusetts – The Boston Globe

By Katie Johnston

It’s safe to say the way we work is being transformed like never before. Corporate practices that have been set in stone for decades — going to an office every day, living near your place of employment, trying …

By Crystal Du
Crystal Du
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