Perspectives for North America’s fashion industry in a time of crisis-McKinsey & Company

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Written by Colleen Baum, Pamela Brown, Emily Gerstell, and Althea Peng

As business leaders worldwide grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and well-being of their employees and customers must be the top priority. Already, apparel and fashion companies have …

By Valerie Barrios
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Social Impact Guides – Vault


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By Tom Reich
Tom Reich Tom Reich
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12 Essential Insights for Managing Teams – MIT Sloan Management Review


Written by Ally MacDonald
Teamwork doesn’t just happen — good teams require good leaders who have vision and practiced skills. Leading effective teams today requires laying the groundwork for how team members and the wider organization will be successful. We’ve collected …

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Decision making in uncertain times – McKinsey & Company

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Written by Andrea Alexandar, Aaron De Smet, Leigh Weiss

Leaders know that making good, fast decisions is challenging under the best of circumstances. But the trickiest are those we call “big bets”—unfamiliar, high-stakes decisions. When you have a crisis of …

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Avoid These Traps When Negotiating in a Crisis – Harvard Business Review


Written by Ajil Najam

Right now, around the world, countless negotiations are underway, and the results will literally influence life and death. Leaders and their advisers at innumerable school boards, town halls, universities, C-suites and boardrooms, governors’ mansions, and presidential …

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