How to Pitch Yourself in 2 Minutes Or Less And Nail Your Dream Job – Fast Company

  • The historian. Shares every bullet point on her three-page, 25+ year resume, overwhelming hiring managers with details.
  • The opportunist. Emphasizes so much willingness to do “anything and everything,” that there’s no figuring out the right fit for him.
  • The generalist. Downplays her true skills with generic accomplishments like “building great teams” and “achieving corporate goals;” leaves no lasting impression.
  • The reactionary. Needs a therapist and lets emotion about his last employer drive the conversation until the interviewer is screaming for the exit.

Many of us inadvertently fall into one (or more) of these stereotypes when asked to introduce our skills, experience and career goals. And, especially for  executive jobseekers, those traps could kill your chances. Recruiters, hiring managers and networking contacts need a clear picture of your unique strengths and ideal role—and all in just a few short sentences.

Enter the professional narrative.

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By Crystal Du
Crystal Du