How to Improve Your Executive Presence – Firsthand

by Vibhu Sinha

In professional service industries such as management consulting, it’s important to have “executive presence” and continue to develop it. You won’t be able to grow your career without it.

Typically, executive presence refers to the way you present yourself—how you dress, shake someone’s hand, make eye contact, sit, ask and answer questions, and communicate in general. In other words, executive presence refers to your ability to relate to others, such that even after you leave a room (virtual or real), people will remember the positive impression you left behind.

The challenge with executive presence is that whether you realize it or not, you’re always making an impression when you work with others; therefore, you’re always being graded on your executive presence. And since your executive presence is an essential part of your value to employers, it’s important to become self-aware about your presence if you want to boost your value.

So, below are three essential tips for developing your executive presence and boosting your value in the process.

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By Crystal Du
Crystal Du