Is climate change fueling floods in Germany? – DW

By Monir Ghaedi, Ajit Niranjan

Massive flooding has caused devastation across parts of central Europe, claiming dozens of lives. Scientists say that climate change had a role in it.

At least 103 people were reported dead and dozens missing Friday in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands after heavy storms and rainfall caused rivers and water reservoirs to burst their banks and flash floods turned streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and destroying buildings.

Over the past several weeks, Germany has experienced a roller coaster ride of high temperatures and dryness followed by episodes of heavy precipitation.

On Wednesday and Thursday, that phenomenon was punctuated by catastrophic flooding in multiple regions across western Germany and neighboring countries. Experts say such extreme weather used to happen once in a generation but may happen more frequently in the future — and with more intensity — a sign that climate change is impacting our lives.

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By Crystal Du
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