Gender Neutral Guide: What to Wear for an Interview – Zippa

By Devon Feuer.

What should you wear to a job interview? There is no simple answer, and it largely depends on the type of job and company that you are interviewing for. There are dozens of articles out there explaining how to dress for an interview. However, most outdated and confine what an individual can wear to gender stereotypes. We have written a new, modern guide for individuals of all gender identities on how to dress for an interview.

There are thousands of jobs, and many require different interview attire. If you are applying to a position within the fashion industry, you may want to show your unique sense of style and stand out. If you are interviewing at a law firm, you may want to stick with a suit in a neutral color. It is important to be confident, so if you do not feel comfortable in a dress or skirt, you do not have to wear one. Be yourself! Here are some general rules to follow when picking out what you are going to wear for an interview.Read full article.

By Crystal Du
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