Your Supply Chain is the Secret to Sustainability Success – Fortune

By Rich Lesser

This story is part of The Path to Zero, a series of special reports on how business can lead the fight against climate change. This quarter’s stories go in depth on sustainability in supply chains.

Consider the average car that a consumer will buy at the end of this decade. It will cost around $35,000. It will be made of about one metric ton of steel, 400 kilograms of plastic, 400 kilograms of aluminum, and batteries that will be significantly heavier than those we have today. Now imagine that the same car is built with materials produced with net-zero impact. It would have to cost a small fortune, right?

Actually, no. According to modeling we’ve done at BCG, the incremental costs to make a net-zero car would add less than 2% to the final price—about what it would cost for leather upholstery, heated seats, or a fancier sound system.

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By Domenico Colace
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