Opening Doors: Ivanna Solano (Wheelock’16) – Bostonia

Written by Amy Laskowski

They are determined to use their experience, influence, and positions to help make their business, organization, and world a more inclusive place. They are breaking barriers—and then reaching back to help those behind them overcome the same hurdles. They are mentoring students or younger colleagues, hiring diverse candidates, offering opportunities, and ensuring that employees succeed and are promoted so that their workplace and their communities reflect the richness and talents of the country’s increasingly diverse population. They are BU alumni, faculty, and staff—of every race, ethnicity, age, and gender—and they are “Opening Doors” for the next generation.

Ivanna Solano was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Lynn, Mass., when she was seven. Growing up, when she was asked, “What are you?” she would reply, “Dominican.” But by the time she got to college, she started to think that one-word descriptor wasn’t enough.

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By Valerie Lam
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