Some say the U.S. is close to ‘peak food,’ but what does that mean? – Fortune

Written by Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez

Access to food and nutrients is so important it can define all aspects of our physical health. Yet while the U.S. is close to “peak food,” said Sensei Ag CEO Sonia Lo, that doesn’t mean everyone is being fed equitably.

Developed countries, including the U.S., are very close to peak food, Lo said in a session of Fortune’s 2021 virtual Brainstorm Health conference. This means we produce enough food to feed the planet, but the distribution of the food is flawed, she told Fortune senior editor Beth Kowitt.

Inefficient distribution leads to food waste. Products can go bad in trucks, or they never get to where they need to go. The problem only gets worse when you introduce the chaos of climate change and a pandemic, said Gro Intelligence CEO Sara Menker during the discussion.

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By Valerie Lam
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