How are 2020’s wacky comparisons affecting retailers now? – RetailWire

Written by Tom Ryan

The mantra for all the Willy Lomans of the world is to beat last year’s numbers, but the pandemic has distorted sales comparisons, making that tough. A few retailers on fourth-quarter investor calls are encouraging analysts to compare 2021’s figures to 2019’s for a more normalized perspective.

Kroger, for example, provided a wider range in issuing 2021 guidance due to the uncertainty surrounding food-at-home trends as COVID-19 vaccines rollout. Same-store sales in 2021 are expected to decline three percent to five percent against 2020, but expand nine to 11 percent on a two-year stack basis. Gary Millerchip, Kroger’s CFO, told analysts, “Evaluating our performance using a two-year period will more accurately measure our underlying momentum.”

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By Valerie Lam
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