Navigating the top 5 AI trends facing your business – PWC

Written by Anand Rao, Scott Likens, and Michael Shehab

Despite being a tough year for many, companies are accelerating their approach to artificial intelligence (AI). A quarter of the organisations that participated in the latest AI survey from PwC US reported widespread adoption of AI, jumping from 18 percent last year. Another 54 percent are heading there fast, and they’re no longer just laying the foundations. Those investing are reaping rewards from AI right now, in part because it has proven a highly effective response to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, most of the companies that have fully embraced AI are reporting major benefits.

As we’ve done for the last four years, we’ve made key predictions informed by the survey of more than 1,000 executives (including over 200 CEOs) at US companies that are using AI. Together, these insights should help your company navigate the top AI trends defining 2021 and beyond.

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By Valerie Lam
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