Green investing can pay off in spades – FORTUNE

Written by Alan Murray and David Meyer

Green investing paid off in spades last year, according to a new report from Morgan Stanley being released this morning. CEO Daily got an early look. A few takeaways:

—The median return on sustainable equity funds was 19.04%—compared to 14.77% for non-sustainable.  That’s a 4.3% difference in return.

—Sustainable bond funds also outperformed non-ESG counterparts, yielding 6.74% compared to 5.86%.

—Sustainable funds at the start of 2020 had grown 42% since 2018, and accounted for $17.1 trillion dollars under professional management in the U.S.—or about one of every three dollars. Inflows continued throughout the year.

Past performance, of course, is no guarantee of future results.  The fact that Tesla soared while Exxon tanked could be one big reason for the variance—and could easily reverse as we emerge from the pandemic.

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By Valerie Lam
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