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Written by TTR Weekly

LONDON, 15 February 2021: The World Travel & Tourism Council has released a study illustrating the industry’s role as a driver of social impact.

WTTC’s Social Impact Paper shows tourism drives economic growth and enhances social progress through its ability to enrich communities. As a creator of jobs, it plays a role in alleviating poverty and is also a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The paper, undertaken in collaboration with the Social Progress Imperative (SPI), shows significant correlations between WTTC’s Economic Impact Report data and Social Progress Index scores over the last decade. Specifically, the total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP and employment significantly impacts Social Progress Index scores. China, Cambodia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka are highlighted as particularly strong performers.

This comes at a time where the Travel & Tourism sector has been ravished by the pandemic, and there is a pressing need to recover the hundreds of millions of jobs lost, with WTTC’s latest economic modelling suggesting that 174 million jobs were impacted in 2020 globally.

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By Alessandra Leone
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