Sustainability In 2021: Everything Companies Should Know – Forbes

Written by Rebecca Scheel

Director, Invest in Norway, North America at Innovation Norway, bridging the gap for large tech companies expanding into the Nordic Region.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit nearly every industry hard. Clean energy braced for a massive blow, but as the pandemic stretched on, the worst of the pain never arrived. In fact, leaders believe clean energy investments could spur recoveryfrom the economic devastation that accompanied the pandemic, driven in part by the new European Green Deal. Renewables are on track to overtake fossil fuels as the world’s largest source of electricity within five years, and investors continue to flock to sustainable energy as the must-own asset of the future.

Major companies continue to make pledges to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprints. At the start of this year, Apple announced it is modifying executive bonuses based on environmental values in 2021. Microsoft also recently took major action and pledged to become a carbon-negative company within 10 years. As part of this effort, it launched an Azure cloud region in Norway, which is quickly gaining traction as a go-to nation for sustainable business. As the site of the world’s largest green data center, Norway provides an ideal home for businesses seeking a more sustainable future.

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