Insurance Companies and Impact Investing – Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy

Written by Pauliina Swartz

The need for greater investments that incorporate social and environmental impacts is clear. Governmental and philanthropic resources, while critical, will be insufficient to respond to our economic, social, and environmental challenges. The private sector is expected to align its actions with societal goals, and stakeholders increasingly have the tools to hold it accountable, thanks to progress on data and standards for impact measurement and reporting. The pending “era of impact transparency” will be both a risk and an opportunity. Businesses that proactively manage their impacts will experience greater opportunities and lower risks as the world comes to terms with the many crises facing it.

As part of my ongoing efforts to understand how impact investments align with the goals and risk appetites of institutional investors, I have researched impact investing activities of insurance companies. Insurance companies are uniquely suited to engage in investing that addresses social and environmental goals.

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By Bingyi Zeng
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