The Social Impact Of Bad Bots And What To Do About Them – Council Post

Written by Pascal Podvin

As the CEO of a company that battles bad bots, I am naturally focused on the economic impact of malicious automation. But there’s an even more insidious and disturbing impact that concerns me — and it is one that affects all of us.

Yes, automated bots book hotel rooms and resell them, clean out online sneaker inventory at discount prices, steal IP and pricing data, and take over accounts to drain balances — all of which results in massive disruption and losses to companies and consumers. Yet, a much graver issue is the dire impact of bad bots on the fabric of society — and specifically on politics.

Automation in the wrong hands is a malignant force directly influencing our politics, our culture, the geopolitical power balance in the world, and the very foundation of democracy in the United States and beyond.

Here’s a look at some of these impacts and what must be done to defend against pernicious bot operators and disinformation-spewing actors that seek to influence the national conversation and undermine the ways of democracy.

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By Bingyi Zeng
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