Job Outlook for Consultants 2021 – Management Consulted

The management consulting job outlook for 2021 is something thousands of ambitious new graduates – and experienced industry hands – are looking forward to with anticipation and concern. The consulting job market has been improving steadily year over year for a decade, with each turn of the calendar bringing an expanding job market. This has largely been a result of the success of the management consulting industry as a whole, which by 2019 had grown to $160 billion worldwide. However, the landscape of the consulting job market—like the rest of the economy—has been disrupted and transformed by the Covid-19.

So what does Covid-19 mean for the management consulting job outlook in 2021? Will there be a total hiring freeze? Or will the competition from hiring slowdowns be offset by fewer candidates hitting the job market? In this article we’ll walk through what aspiring management consultants should expect in terms of the 2021 management consultant job outlook, and how they can best respond to it.

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By Maria Ordonez
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