6 Tips For Acing Virtual Interviews in Vault

Written by Sam Radbil

With Covid-19 cases continuing to rise and most white-collar employees still working remotely, virtual interviews are still the norm—and will likely be so for the foreseeable future. This means that, to grow your career, you need to know how to nail a virtual interview. So, here are seven tips for preparing for and acing your next virtual interview.

1. Choose your interview time wisely

You might have little say in choosing the date and time of your virtual interview, but if you’re given choices, choose wisely and pick times when you’ll be alone. If you have young children, this means a time when they’ll be able to be on their own in a different room. If you share a working space with a roommate or significant other, this means a time when they’ll be okay with taking a work break and not being in the room. Also, don’t schedule interviews too early. Make sure you allow enough time to prepare. And remember, if an interview goes well, it often lasts a bit longer than scheduled. So, assume your interviews will go about 15 to 30 minutes longer, and plan accordingly.

2. Bring notes, but try not to stare at them

Just like you would before an in-person interview, make sure to research the company and role before your virtual interview to get an understanding of everything from culture and the leadership team to daily responsibilities and salary expectations. As you research, make notes about the company’s mission, charitable work, and other facets that interest you. This research can help you field casual questions like, “Are you aware of our involvement in XYZ?” It can also help you when the time comes (usually at the end of your interview) for you to ask your interviewer questions. And note this about your notes: while it’s not a good idea to stare at them during your interview, it’s okay to have them handy and glance at them if you absolutely need to.

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By sophiata@bu.edu
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