Bites & Insights: Finance/Fintech/ Insurance

We continued our Bites & Insights series this week on 10/5 with Finance/ Fintech/ Insurance and it was yet another success! Students had a great time connecting virtually and learning more about the companies that participated.

Special thank you to Adam Goldberg (BU Alum) from Goldman Sachs, Brett Fulesday (BU Alum) from Cohen & Company, Thomas Claes Johnson (BU Alum) from Morgan Stanley, Amy Borne (BU Alum) from Northeast Color, Jim DiPetrillo (BU Alum) from Putnam Investments, Ian O’Neal (BU Alum) from Raymond James, Garrett Blackwood and Ryan Fitzgerald (BU Alum) from Ryan LLC, Elizabeth Hoffberg (BU Alum) from Wells Fargo, Brooks Hamblett (BU Alum) from National Australia Bank and Arthur Flashman (BU Alum) from Southworth Development LLC.

By Jessica Yap-Chung
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