Mergers and Acquisitions Case Walkthrough: McKinsey Style- Restaurant Acquisition – Management Consulted

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When you think about case interview prep, you must be ready for all types of cases. Generally there are 6 types of case interviews. They are: profitability cases, mergers & acquisitions cases, brain teaser cases, consulting math cases, market sizing cases, and market study cases. Going through case walkthroughs can be helpful as they allow you to glean learnings from the feedback that the case presenter gives to the candidate. Today’s case interview walkthrough is a merger and acquisition case. It’s also in the McKinsey interview style. Read through or listen to the case below, and work alongside our candidate!

If you’d like to volunteer to practice a case on a webinar, in front of a live audience, write to us. We’ll reach out if you’re selected for further consideration!

Watch the video or read the transcript here.

By Jessica Yap-Chung
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