A Kraft Heinz Commitment on Inclusion by Miguel Patricio – LinkedIn

Written by Miguel Patricio

Back in June, Kraft Heinz made several commitments to address issues of systemic racism and inequality within the communities where we live and work, and within our Company. Today, I want to tell you about one of the concrete steps we’re taking to make these commitments real.

I’m sharing this information with all of you for two reasons. First, I believe that Kraft Heinz has a duty – a responsibility as a company of global citizens – to address systemic racism and inequality wherever we find it. When we say that one of our company Values is We Demand Diversity, that means taking responsibility and being honest about where we have fallen short. Our goal is to ensure that people of color are better represented at all levels throughout Kraft Heinz – as well as better representation for women and LGBTQ+ employees.

Second, having a truly diverse Company isn’t something that is just nice to do. For me – and the other leaders at Kraft Heinz – it is also good business. We expect to be judged on our efforts to address these issues, and to be held accountable.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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