Zappos gives new employees 4 weeks to decide if it’s a good fit and lets them quit with pay if not – Business Insider

Written by Hollie Delaney

I was fed up. I’d worked in HR for years, in a whole bunch of different environments, from a casino to a water park to e-commerce and finally for brick-and-mortar retail, and, to be frank, I just didn’t like what was I doing. I felt like all I did was enforce rules all day long, and deal with compliance issues, and tell people what they were doing wrong. There was nothing fun about it. Nothing uplifting.

I didn’t even feel like I was me when I was at work. I didn’t dress the way I like to dress. I’m a ripped jeans and t-shirt kind of woman, and at one of my prior HR jobs they made us wear stockings. Like, pantyhose. Every day. Why? Because that was the way it had always been done. Truly, there was no other reason.

When I was at work at my previous job, I didn’t act like I normally act. It was like I put on a persona when I walked through the door. Work was just a job, and sometimes a miserable job, that I dragged myself to every morning only to watch the clock in the afternoon …

So when I looked into employment at Zappos for what I truly believed would be a short stay, I grudgingly applied for an HR position. It wasn’t the whole new world I was hoping for, but I had heard they were a fun company. I thought maybe it would at least be a somewhat enjoyable place to work while I figured out how to transition to an entirely different career.

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By Maria Ordonez
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