The 20 top private investors fueling the clean-energy industry with $2.5 billion – Business Insider

Written by Benji Jones

I was off last week — when, of course, some of the biggest energy stories of the summer poured in, from Sunrun announcing a bid to acquire rival Vivint Solar to legal snarls for major pipelines.

Oil markets, on the other hand, have moved very little, though analysts say they’re at risk of slipping again should the second wave of coronavirus cases swell. More on that below.

Before we get to it, one quick note: I’m working on a story about the experience of LGBTIQ workers in the oil and gas industry, including those who are based overseas in countries that out-law same-sex relations. If you know anyone who might be open to chatting with me, please have them reach out at

Even a pandemic can’t stop the rise of clean-energy investments

2020 won’t be remembered as a year of prosperity. Thousands of energy workers have lost their jobs, and global investment in oil exploration and extraction is set for a 15-year low, according to the consulting firm Rystad Energy.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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