Lack of Skills Threatens Digital Transformation – Smarter with Gartner

Written by Scott Engler

As the COVID-19 response accelerates the speed and scale of digital transformation, a lack of digital skills could jeopardize companies with misaligned talent plans.

Even before there was a coronavirus pandemic, boards ranked digital/technology disruption as their top business priority for 2020 — followed by obtaining the talent needed to execute tech transformation. But COVID-19 has escalated digital initiatives into digital imperatives, creating urgent pressure on HR leaders to work with their CEO, CFO and CIO to rethink skills needs as business models change at light speed.

It’s no easy task for this cohort to identify and acquire the digital skills their organization needs to pursue digital transformation as imagined post-COVID-19. And now companies must press forward under a new reality: Technology skills are no longer highly centered in IT; they need to be “marbled” across organizational functions and businesses and coupled with soft skills to achieve transformation success.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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