Infinite learners: The six critical elements of workplace upskilling – PwC Digital Pulse

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  • Business is coming around to the need for upskilling, but learning at work can be difficult and easily forgotten.
  • Learning and management practices can create an environment where skills and habits become entrenched and progress celebrated.
  • Six key concepts, from shared reality to spaced repetition, are key to the success of digital learning approaches.

In every industry, in companies large and small, and at every level of the hierarchy, the need has never been so great for proficiency with digital technologies and the new ways of working that they require.

The best approach to ensuring your business is ready begins with assessing the current environment and identifying skills gaps and job mismatches. Once that assessment of individuals is complete, a future-proofing strategy must be designed to fill the current and future skills gap and start the training and developing for performance. The adult learning component is tied to the need to embed upskilling into the corporate culture: if the cultural foundation supports the upskilling efforts, the digital learning model will flourish. Finally, it’s necessary and important to be able to measure success.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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