4 Tips for Answering ‘What Do You Do?’ When Networking – Vault

Written by Kaitlyn Duling via Fairygodboss

We don’t need to rehash why networking is so important for people hoping to get ahead in the job market. Talking to, listening to, and learning from others who have jumped similar career hurdles can help you, no matter where you currently stand in your career.

When you’re at the next Coffee & Networking, Beer & Networking, Bagels & Networking, or whatever the new, cool, low-key-yet-anxiety-producing event may be, take time to think about the following: How do you answer the question, “What do you do?”

Perhaps you say, “I’m a consultant,” “I work for XYZ corporation,” or “I’m the VP of A at B Company.” These aren’t bad answers. They’re true! They’re accurate! But they’re not helping you stand out as a memorable, passionate, exciting worker who wants to make waves in your industry. Want to flip the script and help yourself get noticed? Try one of the responses below.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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