How Restorative Justice Can Guide Businesses in the Work Against Systemic Racism – B The Change

Written by BBMG

In Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 book, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, he challenges Americans to grapple with basic questions about our national character. More than 50 years later, the question remains: Where do we go from here?

In recent weeks we’ve seen moments of outrage, grief and confusion. And yet, in times like this, I carry the same relentless optimism of my immigrant parents and generations before me. As we feel this pain, I believe this is also the beginning of a social and economic transformation. And as a passionate brand strategist, I believe businesses can be powerful vehicles of change — they hold the stories and values that can shape society and shift culture toward progress.

For years, working with businesses on purpose-led communications, many issues have been raised consistently: climate change, economic empowerment, gender equality, and even mental health. Then there’s the issue that’s uncomfortable and almost always avoided: racism.

That is, until the world watched George Floyd’s killing on video, catalyzing a racial justice movement and, for many, an awakening to the reality of race in America.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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