Talent trends: The benefits and burdens of upskilling during a downturn – PwC Digital Pulse

Written by Carol Stubbings and Bhushan Sethi

  • CEOs agree that upskilling is necessary to attract and retain the right skills for the future, but few have made significant progress towards establishing upskilling programs.
  • Organisations with mature upskilling efforts are finding the benefits go far beyond skills, leading to confidence,  productivity gains and stronger returns.
  • Companies that had already begun upskilling their workers prior to COVID-19 will be well placed to respond to the ups and downs of a post-pandemic economy.

Between the time we conducted our 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey in October 2019 and today, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the world changed. Yet the questions we asked CEOs then around how they were preparing their workforce for the digital future and attracting and retaining talent still bear weight. Even as businesses adapt to COVID-19, the keys to unlocking organisational value still lie in culture, trust and harnessing the right skills.

PwC’s Talent Trends report, Upskilling: Building confidence in an uncertain world, examines the issues CEOs identified as being front of mind and the key challenges that are holding them back.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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