How to rise to the multifaceted challenge of constant change – Roland Berger

Written by Jörg Esser

In an era of rapid digitalization, global pandemics and unexpected curveballs being thrown from every direction, change has become the new normal and disruption the only constant. Businesses must therefore become – and remain – increasingly adaptable. In order to help companies to navigate constant complex challenges, Roland Berger has developed a 3P framework, which is inspired by lessons from science and observation from the natural world. This framework is explained in detail in our new Think:Act booklet, “The Adaptable Company”.

The demand for change is nothing new. For example, digitalization has long been arousing greater challenges in speed, quality and cost. However, new challenges like coronavirus can arise suddenly and abruptly, causing major disruption to local and global business to an unprecedented scale. In general, the three major factors placing new demands on business and driving the need for adaptability include: turbulence and volatility on the market, growing customer expectations and the transition from value chains to value networks. Much of the current advice to deal with such multifaceted challenges is simplistic or superficial and therefore incapable of helping companies to truly overcome them.

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By Jessica Yap-Chung
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