Macy’s, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Zappos Approaching Return Of Retail From Many Angles

Written by Warren Shoulberg

Most big American retailers have been shut down tight for more than six weeks. They closed in a seemingly random order across the country, leaving open only stores selling essential goods—like supermarkets, drug stores and discounters with household products—and some outliers, like those selling guns, crafts, liquor or sporting goods.

Just as randomly, as we perhaps start to enter what some are calling the PostPad period, we are now seeing some of these retailers—both ones that were shuttered and some that remained open but were making it up as they went along—adapting policies and procedures to address what entrepreneur Mark Cuban has called The New Abnormal.

Similar to the shutdowns, these are all over the place. Here’s a look at how four of the major national retailers are moving on to the next stage of this economic crisis.

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By Lianne O'Reilly
Lianne O'Reilly Senior Program Coordinator Lianne O