Recording: Questrom- An Interactive Discussion With Questrom Alum, Scott Lieberman (MBAs)

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Recording for An Interactive Discussion With Questrom Alum, Scott Lieberman (MBAs)

What’s next: How resilient is your customer experience?

Co-Sponsored by The Feld and MBA Biz Tech Club

Companies have made significant investment in digital experiences. But, the worldwide pandemic has stretched the customer interface to its limits, and demonstrated just how fragile customer operations can be. Just as business continuity plans have readied infrastructure and operations for localized disruptions, enterprises must completely re-evaluate the preparedness of marketing, sales and customer service. What are the long term implications for companies to ensure their customer experience is resilient?

Come prepared with ideas and explore some examples with an industry leader in an interactive discussion designed to shape foundational thinking!

Scott Lieberman is a senior executive with 20+ years experience advising C-level leaders on improving customer experience. As the recent leader of IBM iX for North America, Scott has helped leading brands digitally reinvent themselves. Scott received an undergraduate degree from Questrom in the late 1990s and has continuously returned to the principles from the core curriculum throughout his career.

By Tom Reich
Tom Reich