Manufacturers convened by Beth Israel on track to fix the nation’s swab shortage – Boston Business Journal

Written by: Jessica Bartlett

It took only 22 days for a team at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to identify the shortage of the specific type of swab needed to test for coronavirus,convene a group of experts to set about solving it, create prototypes, test them, and start manufacturing them.

Dr. Ramy Arnaout, one of three directors at Beth Israel’s clinical microbiology laboratories said that the manufacturers in the group he helped convene are now making half a million nasopharyngeal swabs a day. By next week, they estimate they can nearly double that.

“Whatever the crisis is a week from now, you want to be working to prevent the crisis now. That’s what we’ve done with these swabs,” Arnaout told the Business Journal.

Beth Israel itself can only process about 1,500 tests a day, and Arnaout believes the effort will likely produce enough swabs for the entire country. That will help alleviate the problems procuring the swabs from large, existing swab manufacturers in Italy and Maine, he said, and allow the country to think about testing all 157 million working Americans to allow them to return to work.

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By Elan Aiache Reynaud
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