Retail Reentry: ‘Business As Unusual’ – Forbes

Written by Sanford Stein

In a week where we’ve been reeling from the news of the biggest single monthly retail sales drop since the government began keeping track of it, we are all trying to grasp what’s next. Timelines for some type of reopening are sketchy at best. What is more important than identifying a date to begin what might be described as “business-as-unusual”, is to fully appreciate the public’s mindset. After enduring one of the most disruptive and transformative events of our lifetime, we will all be feeling levels of anxiousness about what’s next.

We’ve heard and read a lot about the importance of testing, both for the active virus, as well as anti-body tests to establish who may have immunities to COVID-19. Knowing these risk factors will impact who among us are equipped to begin “normalizing” and interact with others. And, given that the most ambitious timetable for mass distribution of a coronavirus vaccine is early to mid-2021, it’s safe to assume that the “reentry” will be a rolling one. It will vary, based on geography, age, personal health profiles, occupations, etc. For retailers, and all those that are part of the retail ecosystem, establishing a sense of trust will become job one.

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By Valerie Barrios
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