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Written by Lisa Marie Segarra

Working from home presents new challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance.

The clear stopping points, like lunch breaks or commuting hours, are gone, so it’s easy to stay at the computer and tell yourself, “it’s just one more email.” But maintaining a line between your personal time and the time when you’re on the clock can be immensely helpful.

Sometimes, time away from the screen entirely is the answer, but using technology can also be a great and seamless way to help keep that balance in check. Here are some tricks to let technology help you help yourself maintain a realistic work-life balance.

Change your notification settings

Most computers have notification settings that you can change to fit what you want — and don’t want — to come through.

For Mac users, look to “Do Not Disturb.” You can change what will send you an alert depending on the time of day. Maybe you don’t want your text messages to come through while you’re working, but you don’t want your work email pinging you while winding down with Netflix. You can also go into the Notifications section under System Settings for more changes.

PC users can look to “Focus Assist” for similar settings. You can also change what comes through based on other details, like whether you’re playing a game or duplicating your display, which could come in handy so that embarrassing email from your mom doesn’t show up in the middle of a presentation. You can even get a summary of what you missed once your Focus Assist time is over.

The only drawback to both options is that you can’t set profiles to make it easier for certain notifications to start and stop depending on your work schedule.

Changing your notification settings on your phone and any wearables you might have, such as an Apple Watch, can help keep the office out of mind once you’re off the clock.

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